For four decades, Owens Precision, Inc. has honed its manufacturing services to meet increasing customer and industry demand.

CNC Precision Milling & Turning

Owens’ machining centers utilize the latest technology to ensure that our customers receive the highest-quality parts. Experienced in milling, lathe machining and turning services, our precision programmers and machinists have the equipment, technology and certification to meet all of your needs.

CNC Swiss-Type Machining

Owens’ equipment includes Citizen, Tsugami and Ganesh CNCs. These Swiss-type machines efficiently manufacture small, high-volume, complex parts that require extremely close tolerances. This precision will allow you to run “lights out” operations and assign multiple machines to one operator reducing labor costs.


Owens focuses just as much dedication to quality and detail on our assembly operations as we do on precision machining. Our facilities house the latest equipment and technology to provide our clients with a slew of assembly solutions.


To successfully machine precision products, one must finish all parts - no matter how complex. That’s why we send components through our deburring department, meeting all of your finishing and marking specifications.

Export Control

We ship products domestically and internationally so all of our departments work closely together to meet current export control requirements. Our extensive packaging and delivering experience means even your most delicate components arrive at your door safely and quickly.


Commitment to Quality

Our long tradition of investing in the finest high-precision machines and up-to-date quality management systems has improved our efficiency, productivity, and capacity and enabled us to substantially expand manufacturing offerings for customers over the past 40 years.

Commitment to Innovation

We invest in the latest software and technology because in this industry, every measurement and each moment counts. Our highly-skilled machinists and programmers are constantly looking for ways to improve our practices to better serve customers.

Commitment to Relationships

Nourishing long, loyal relationships with our customers has been a priority of Owens Precision since day one. Several companies have trusted us to produce reliable parts for them for decades.


Our machines produce the quality parts you need.

Owens Precision keeps up with current machining technologies and processes by continually investing in our manufacturing equipment, facilities, software and expertise. To see our extensive list of equipment, click below.

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